Vacation footjobs Episode III Vol.1 HD

Many fans have been waiting for our next footjob-vacation adventure and here it is in HD!Everyday a foot- or handjob in the motorhome for hubby from the Mistress MichaelaToequeen, everyday loosing cum through her sweet feet or hands,a vacation dream for each man came true!In this clip you will see 4 footjobs from the 08, 09, 10, and 11 of July 2013 but as always not the full length because we dont want to create such a long clip.In the scene from the 11 of July Michaela covering the cock with a condom,’cause she love to feel the rubber at her soles but this is not detrimental to the success!We show the last one or 2 minutes and the cumshots of every single footjob, enjoy! To be continued…

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